Monday, August 29, 2005

Poor Car...

This is what we woke up to Friday morning:

poor car

Poor car...really, what did it do to deserve such treatment?

Anyhow, we were rather distressed and perturbed. There was no note from whoever hit us. Bad hit-and-run person. It was incredibly annoying to think that whoever did it would just get away Scott free! Our theory--someone, most likely drunk, had gone down our road, not realizing it was a dead end. Came to the end, and attempted to back up into our driveway to turn around, missing completely. As you can see in the pic, we aren't even that close to our driveway!

Anyhow, after taking lost of pictures, and making a Police report (Chris did this-he commented when he got back that the report was destined straight for the cold case files-not much they could or would do).

About noon when we got back from my post opp Dr Apt (traumatic on its own)our neighbors were out. They asked if we heard about what had happened the night before. The story is as follows:

Our neighbor Otmar was working in his garage about 2:30 am. He heard a rather loud crash. Rushing out into the street to see what had happened he encountered a rather inebriated Hispanic looking lady in a very nice yellow LandRover. She had stepped out to try and see/register what had happened. Otmar said "do we have a problem here?" She responded "we sure do" but a bit more graphically, I gather. Otmar then said that he would go inside and get his camera and a phone so that they could take care of it (I think that he was trying to steer her in the right direction. When he returned it was just in time to see her speeding off. What she did not know, however, is that Otmar walked behind the vehicle and memorized the license before he went inside and wrote it down. Hence, seeing that she had decided to flee, he called the police swichboard (not 911 as he has VoIP). When he said he was calling to report a hit and run they asked when it had happened. When he told they 3 minutes ago, they got really excited and asked which way she had gone. The caught her within 5 min...:) She denied that it happened (and failed her sobriety test) so Otmar agreed to sign a citizens arrest and testify in court if need be.
Otmar gets the award for civic duty/good neighbor...I should try and find a place to report his good deed to and get him an actual award--if not perhaps cookies or something.
Please make any suggestions you feel would be appropriate to honor such a good citizen.